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Waves discuss implementation of the blockchain with Malta


The Waves platform said on Wednesday that it had begun negotiations with the government of Malta on the introduction of blockchain technology in various areas of the public and business sectors.

At two official meetings in Malta, Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov talked with government officials, including Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Jr. Finance Minister Silvio Schembri, as well as Malta Digital General Director for Corporate Innovation Stephon McCartney and representatives of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA ).

Despite the fact that the interested parties have not yet reached an official agreement, they talked about possible ways of using Waves blockchain in the healthcare sector, land registration, voting, etc. Also in the discussion were problems of potential use of Waves for falsifying financial instruments.

The most positive result of the discussion was Waves’ permission to work on the island.

Without going into details, Minister Shambri hinted that the Maltese government could come to an agreement with the Waves in the coming weeks. For the platform, such a partnership agreement with Malta will be another addition to the list of positive events. Previously, the Russian state production giant Rostec agreed to work on the Waves platform for data management. Both sides will invest $ 2 million in the project.

In addition, the company Waves released on Monday a new protocol that allows you to use smart contracts in the main network.

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