Friday, June 9, 2023

Bitcoin Gold to be delisted by Bittrex


The altcoin team did not reimburse the trading platform for the losses it incurred because of the attack on the network of this bitcoin fork.

The BTG markets (BTC-BTG, ETH-BTG and USDT-BTG) will be delisted and removed on September 14th, 2018

The Bittrex Exchange will remove the opportunity to trade with the Bitcoin Gold coin on September 14. The company explained this by saying that the developers of the altcoin refused to compensate for the loss of the trading platform that it suffered as a result of the attack on the coin network.

The platform administration demanded 12.37 thousand BTG ($ 263 thousand at the rate for September 3), but the developers refused to pay this amount. Then Bittrex reduced the fine to 6 thousand coins, but the management of Bitcoin Gold did not react in any way.

The representatives of the altcoin commented on the delisting and stressed that it had nothing to do with the cryptocurrency system. They assured that this situation will not affect the price of Bitcoin Gold in any way.

The average market price of the coin is $ 21.3, it is on the 30th place in the list of the largest by the capitalization of digital money. Over the past week, the altcoin price has not changed much, it is within $ 21- $ 22.

At the end of May, a hacker stole $ 18 million as a result of an attack on the Bitcoin Gold network. He received control over the blockchain of the cryptocurrency, so he was able to steal funds from many trading platforms.

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