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Conflict among Bitcoin Cash developers can split the cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Cash was created just a little over a year ago as a result of a hard fork amid a heated debate over the scaling of the original bitcoin. Gradually among fork developers began to grow disagreement over the further development of Bitcoin Cash.

The recently released Bitcoin ABC client release was perceived by some representatives of the crypto community as the beginning of a real war in the development environment. However, some representatives of the Bitcoin Cash community categorically do not support these changes.

Another implementation of Bitcoin Cash, called Bitcoin SV, was proposed. Mining pools that mine BCH should, until November, decide what kind of hard fork to support by installing Bitcoin ABC of the latest 18th version or Bitcoin SV. The fork will not bring significant useful changes to the network, increasing the block size to 128 Mb. The current Bitcoin Cash block size is 32 megabytes.

The new version of Bitcoin ABC 0.18.0 is an attempt to attract users to the ecosystem by implementing smart contracts and atomic swaps for instant exchange between blockchains without exchange points. This would allow the coin to be promoted in retail payments.

Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV versions are incompatible with each other. At the same time, both rival groups planned changes to the Bitcoin Cash code for November. Thus, the launch of incompatible solutions can cause the division of this cryptocurrency into two competing chains.

The community will not be surprised by the next division of the coin, part of the pools will simply abandon Bitcoin Cash mining, as the Japanese company GMO did. But the dispute directly affected the interests of Bitmain, which bought 1 million BCH coins to support the price and owning the pools that mine this coin. The chosen time for disputes can frustrate the giant’s exit plans for an IPO or significantly reduce the expectations of fees that have already been reduced by a factor of 6.

Behind the scene watched the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. He urged the Bitcoin Cash community not to support the split. In the Bitcoin Cash community, there are also developers who do not fully support either side of the conflict and insist on the necessity of finding some kind of compromise solution.

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