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Weiss Ratings: Ripple can attract lots of attention this year


Lately, we can note a lot of successful projects that launched by XRP Ripple Labs. The founder and current general director of the company B. Garlinghouse earlier mentioned that a large wave of institutional investors is going to enter cryptomarket in the 3rd quarter current year.
“The third quarter of this year, of course, will be a period of the emergence of many institutional companies in the markets and they will participate in the purchase of XRP,” he said.

But those companies that already buy and apply a token do not affect its price, as they buy a quick coin through an OTC service instead of a regular exchange.

A wave of positive news about the XRP token, especially recently, started by D. Schwartz, the chief technology officer at Ripple, who continues to make posts on Twitter about the project and decentralization. “Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently seen as the gold standard of decentralization,” he says.

Since these blockchains are considered decentralized, then according to the idea, XRP Ledger also – if not more – is decentralized, like bitcoin and ethereum.

The fast network was highly appreciated for technological achievements by the Weiss Ratings platform many times through their social Twitter channel. Frequent references to Ripple do show potential, and low prices for the current moment can be a great opportunity to enter the market.

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