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The result of the study of the European crypto exchange for June-August 2018 was the determination of the maximum value of the bitcoin turnover of illegal goods, which is 0.67% of the total turnover of bitcoin, suggesting that the total amount of monetary transactions of the bitcoin network contains not more than 1% of funds received from criminal activity.

According to the head of the expert group, CEO of Worldcore Alexei Nasonov, an indirect approach was adopted to assess the volume of transactions with illegal goods, which does not directly analyze the transactions in the blockchain with the lighted criminal wallets, the company said.

Based on the big data, the capacity of the criminal goods market, its segments serviced by Darknet, was first determined. And only after that, the total volume of illegal trade was compared with the total volume of bitcoin-blockchain transactions for the same unit of time.

Thus, it turned out that criminal money is included in even absolutely legal transactions of licensed exchanges and exchangers. Therefore, a small-scale of the crypto market crime turnover of 1% and was found among bitcoin-blockchain transactions. In this case, transactions using bitcoin pass directly between the client’s wallets and the seller’s wallet, so they can not be detected by algorithms.

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