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China will close access to 124 exchanges


Financial regulators have discovered areas for trading in digital money with foreign IP-addresses that operate on the territory of the country.
The Chinese government plans to block 124 foreign exchanges that operated on the territory of the country in spite of the cryptocurrency ban, writes the Shanghai Securities Times. The authorities will carefully study the Internet space and close access to such exchanges.

This will be done by the Risk Management Service in the field of financial technologies. In autumn last year, China banned the ICO and the sale of digital money. Local sites and accounts in the WeChat instant messenger can be permanently blocked if through them there will be trading in cryptocurrencies or conducting projects for the primary placement of tokens.

There are various services in the country that track accounts with suspicious activity. They report this to the government, and the authorities block prohibited resources.

Earlier it became known that the accounts of Tencent’s cryptocurrency media in the WeChat messenger were blocked. At the same time, in the Chaoyang district of Beijing, it was forbidden to carry out activities related to digital money.

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