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Research: 60% of cryptocurrency does not have any working products


Analysts at Invest in Blockchain analyzed the top 100 cryptocurrencies and came to the disappointing conclusion that most of them do not have a final working product.

The authors studied the projects from the point of view of the current state and its compliance with the Roadmap, launch history and functions. “Working product” was defined as open and used every day, which means that platforms without an active user base did not fall into this category. It turned out that 60 projects out of the 100 largest still can not boast of ready-made solutions.

Most of the remaining 40 are either payment systems (Bitcoin, Litecoin) or smart contracts platforms (Ethereum). The first place in the list was expected to be occupied by bitcoin.

“Without bitcoin, this list would not have existed,” the researchers said.

The second place was given to the platform of smart contracts Ethereum (ETH / USD), since its solutions for ICO and creation of decentralized applications are already used all over the world. Ripple (XRP / USD), whose products “already have an impact on the banking sector,” ranked third.

The list does not include EOS (EOS / USD), TRON (TRX), IOTA (IOTA / USD) and Cardano (ADA), while OmiseGO (OMG / USD) and Verge were originally included in it, but then deleted, because, according to the authors, do not meet the above criteria.

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