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Crypto exchange from the top 10 will open an office in Malta


The island state became the center of attraction of the world’s largest sites for the cryptocurrency trade.

Crypto exchange, which is included in the top 10 sites by the cryptocurrency trade turnover, announced its intention to open an office in Malta. On the “island of Blockchain”, as informally call this state not only the representatives of the crypto community but also the policy of the country itself, the Chinese crypto exchange is going to conduct its operational activities. We are talking about the servicing of transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, the daily volume of which is about 260 million dollars.

To solve the technical and administrative issues of opening an office in Malta, one of the founders of, Jimmy Zhao, held a meeting with local government officials. After this communication, Zhao stated that “from the first minutes of the meeting it became clear that the authorities of Malta are aimed at improving and supporting the development of the island’s cryptocurrency ecosystem.” plans to open an office in Malta in the shortest time, without postponing plans in the long box. Zhao is confident that working here will be extremely comfortable: “Perhaps, Malta today is the most convenient platform for deploying projects in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and we are very pleased that we are becoming part of the local ecosystem.” Maltese Prime Minister Silvio Schembri welcomed the arrival of “More and more companies are coming to Malta. I’m glad that decided to join them, and we expect that crypto exchange will invest more than 20 million euros in investments in the next three years in the economy of our state, and create at least 150 jobs. ”

Earlier this year, the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance, moved to Malta, looking for an opportunity to work in a more regulatory-friendly environment, facing difficulties in Japan and Hong Kong. In Malta, the crypto exchange OKEx also came in, which ranks second in the CoinMarketCap rating. Finally, BitBay, Poland’s most popular cryptographic cipher, after experiencing severe opposition from official Warsaw and the inability to work with local banks, was forced to suspend its operations in May, resuming it after moving to Malta. Moving the offices of crypto exchange sites to Malta means increasing the possibility of a new inflow of liquidity to the market, as crypto exchanges manage to open euro accounts with local banks, as a result of which Binance has already announced that by the end of the year it will open the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies for EUR, the following year – and for British pounds sterling.

Recall, that Stasis have issued “crypto euro” EURS – new stablecoin in Malta.

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