Thursday, June 1, 2023
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AT&T sued due to theft of the cryptocurrency


Co-founder of BitAngels and BitAngels / Dapps Fund, Michael Terpin filed a lawsuit against AT&T telecom giant in Los Angeles court. He accuses the company of negligence, which led to a major theft of the cryptocurrency. The employees of the call center copied his phone number to intruders who stole from the crypto investor digital assets worth $ 24 million.

The lawsuit says that over the past six months hackers have repeatedly cracked his mobile phone. Michael Turpin believes that it is either a criminal negligence or collusion of employees of the call center with intruders. Due to non-compliance with the privacy policy, scammers obtained access to a mobile phone. Now the investor requires AT&T to return the stolen $ 24 million, and also pay $ 200 million in compensation.

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