Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Binance: We don’t list shitcoins


The head of Binance Changpeng Zhao said that the exchange will not add bad cryptocurrency (shitcoins) to the listing, even if they offer to pay for it 4000 BTC.

This is a message he wrote on Twitter in response to accusations from the Expanse startup that the largest crypto exchange office demanded 400 BTC for the listing. Changpeng Zhao said that the decision to add any coins depends on their quality, and not on the contribution, and recommended the projects to worry not about “how much does the Binance charge to list?”, But “is my coin good enough?”. He also explicitly called the EXP shitcoins and recommended focusing on improving the token, rather than drawing attention to it through HYIP.

Earlier, the founder of Expanse was writing a letter from a supposedly representative of the crypto exchange, in which the requirements in 400 BTC were specified. However, the head of Binance called him fake and even offered help in the fight against scammers who sent that e-mail to him. Having added that a project that can not protect itself from fakes, should not collect money from investors. Although the truth is difficult to determine by correspondence in the social network and screenshots, you can say for sure that EXP has little chance of getting into the listing of Binance.

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