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Dash CEO Taylor: Wall Street is not required for cryptocurrency growth


By giving an exclusive interview to one of the channels, Taylor said he left Wall Street for two main reasons. The first is the availability of great opportunities in crypto space. According to him, today this market is not yet developed, but it has great opportunities for growth. The second reason is that crypto technologies can change the world for the better and make many people in the world freer financially.

Recall, Dash is a virtual currency and a digital autonomous organization. Its functionality allows traders to process private payments in the cryptocurrency. In Venezuela, virtual coins are accepted by over 800 traders, and it is also introduced in Zimbabwe.

Taylor left the post of analyst after 1.5 years of work in an investment company with a cost of $ 20 billion to create a Dash. And he has a clear vision of how everything functions behind the scenes of the world of classical finance.

Taylor said that Wall Street prefers to develop innovations in the private sector. He said that Wall Street does not need virtual currencies. The expert is convinced that, although today the influence of the main financial structures that invest in cryptocurrencies is not yet showing itself, the development of digital currencies will go regardless of external influences.

Taylor added that the virtual currency does not need to make Wall Street take part in its development. He noted that every year more and more people turn to it.

Also, the head of Dash stressed that if the cryptocurrencies are combined with other financial systems, their application will become much easier. Taylor gave an example of the following situation: would anyone use the US dollar if the currency existed separately from the financial system. He stressed that thanks to this turn of thought it becomes clear that the integration of virtual currencies with the classical financial system will only promote their spread

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