Friday, June 9, 2023

Send Litecoin by SMS: Zulu Republic Project


The blockchain startup has released the program Lite.IM, which will allow carrying out cryptocurrency transactions without access to the Internet.
Users will be able to send Litecoin by SMS and in the Telegram messenger with the help of new software Lite.IM, which released by the blockchain project Zulu Republic. The developers have submitted a beta version, in the nearest future, they will conduct tests.

According to the representatives of the startup, Pavel Durov’s messenger is the safest, in it, you can check the concept of SMS-payments. Zulu Republic added that many people have limited access to the Internet and can not receive financial services.

64% of the population have phones, but only 33% have smartphones. For this reason, developers of the startup believe that it is needed to provide access to the blockchain without the Internet. They have already released a telegram bot, with which you can check the balance and send Litecoin to LTC-addresses or e-mail.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee noted Lite.IM in his Twitter account. The programmer added that the drop in the market is the best time to focus on promoting the development for the wider blockchain adoption.

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