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Telegram can defend the right to issue a Gram token


Telegram Group Inc., owned by Pavel Durov, is suing Lantah LLC from Florida (USA) because of the rights to the Gram trademark, under which the latter announced the release of the cryptocurrency. Telegram still has a chance to defend its rights to issue a token under this name.

Finally, the decision on Telegram’s application for the Gram and Grams signs will be made no earlier than August 28.

Recall, the company of Pavel Durov filed an application for the registration of the trademark Gram in the register of trademarks of the European Union in late April. However, later Lantah LLC managed to challenge it.

In accordance with the rules of objection to applications, representatives of the intellectual property office of the European Union will consider the arguments of both sides.

As previously reported, Lantah LLC attempted to register the Gram trademark in February 2018. By this time the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) had already been presented to the public. The first news about the creation of a blockchain platform from the Telegram messenger with the release of its own cryptocurrency Gram appeared in late 2017.

The Telegram Open Network (TON) project for two rounds of pre-sales could attract almost 200 investors, and raise $ 1.7 billion – a fairly large amount for the ICO. TON implies the creation of a new generation of blockchain platform with the release of its own Gram token. All funds from the placement of tokens are planned to be spent on the development of the Telegram Open Network, as well as the development and maintenance of the messenger itself.

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