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The largest crypto lottery from Donald Trump


The US President is “giving away” Ethereum and Bitcoin.

President of the United States Donald Trump made 4229 false or misleading statements in 558 days. The Washington Post reported this yesterday. It seems that the scammers decided to help Mr. Trump improve already impressive figures.

Tweet, published with a verified Twitter account that allegedly belonged to the president himself, made some serious noise in the entire social network. The record reported about “the largest cryptocurrency lottery”.

All you had to do to participate was to send a small amount in Bitcoin or Ethereum to the specified address in order to “verify” your account. “Trump” promised the fans of cryptocurrency to increase the amount sent in dozens, if not hundreds of times.

The tweet was deleted, the links from the tweet led to the website, with detailed instructions on how to participate in the “lottery”. Reddit users offered the president to change nickname to Donald “I do not give out ETH” Trump.

The cryptocurrency scam on Twitter began with a boom in late 2017, and fake accounts of famous personalities have become a serious problem. Reportedly, losses from the so-called “trust swindlers” are already about $ 5 million. To date, there are several technical solutions aimed at fighting such scammers. These are developments of companies such as MetaCert and Scam Clerk, which are aimed at identifying fake accounts in various social networks.

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