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T2-Turbo by Innosilicon ready for shipping


The new ASIC-miner Innosilicon Terminator T2-Turbo is available to order at a price of 1.35 thousand US dollars. Shipment of the miners will start from August 15, the company’s website says.

On Tuesday, the well-known manufacturer of ASIC-miners Innosilicon announced the release of a new bitcoin miner, developed in cooperation with Samsung. The performance of the miner significantly exceeds the performance of the previous model and competitors.

Innosilicon Terminator T2-Turbo offers the highest current performance – 24 TH / s with a power consumption of 1980 watts (+/- 10%).

The model has been tested and is already available for ordering on the manufacturer’s website. The price of the ASIC is 1.35 thousand US dollars. Delivery will start from 15 to 25 August. Shipment will be performed after payment is confirmed. You can pay in bitcoins, Litecoin and US dollars.

Innosilicon has released a new machine in conjunction with the Samsung Electronics team, using their new FinFET technology. “We believe that the new bitcoin-miner Terminator from Innosilicon, based on the advanced process from Samsung with low power consumption, will be able to offer its customers a product with significant advantages: high energy efficiency and high performance,” said vice president of marketing at Foundry in Samsung Electronics Ryan Sanghun Lee.

Vice President for Engineering at Innosilicon Roger Mao noted that despite the growth of the hash in the network of bitcoins, the new Terminator 2 will be able to ensure the efficiency of mining and the high return on investment over the next 1-2 years.

“Increasing energy efficiency by as much as 30% is phenomenal in today’s competitive market,” he added.

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