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EY helps to transfer Vienna to the blockchain


The municipality of the Austrian capital is actively implementing distributed registry technology.

Ernst & Young (EY), one of the world’s four largest auditing corporations (from Big4), announced today that it has completed one of the important stages of its cooperation with the municipality of the Austrian city of Vienna over a joint project to create public blockchains. The technology of the distributed registry will be used to verify and ensure the security of data storage operated by the state bodies of the capital within the framework of the “Open Government” project. In particular, we are talking about building public transport routes, train schedules, and processing information that comes in the course of various election campaigns.

The project manager of the city from the Austrian capital authorities, Brigitte Lutz, spoke about the details of the partnership with EY: “The blockchain platform was developed within four months thanks to the efforts of the developers from Vienna, EY provided general supervision of the project and assisted in its implementation, and promoted image of Vienna as a global hub for digital technology. Now we plan to translate all the data that is collected and published in the framework of the “Open Government”, on the blockchain. ”

This partnership became a logical part of the city’s initiative in the field of new technologies, which was named “Digital City. Vein”. The Austrian capital is already using blockchain to simplify and automate administrative processes, in particular when preparing data for city energy reports, when registering legal entities – where data must be updated regularly, in real time. In addition, distributed registry networks help to improve the security of data from unauthorized third parties, as well as from changes that could lead to the loss of important information.

Particularly intensive work on the implementation of blockchain in various processes in public authorities of the Austrian capital began to be implemented from December last year. As a result, by the current moment, about 350 databases are reliably protected by the technology of the distributed registry. Austria became one of those 28 EU countries that decided to take steps towards the practical implementation of new technologies, as a result of which the visible result is achieved: the relevant data is updated on a permanent basis, they are open to the city’s residents, and the accumulated information is reliably protected from substitution.

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