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CEO of Sky Mining disappeared with company money


$ 35 million disappeared from accounts of the Vietnamese Mining Company Sky Mining. The office is closed, the equipment was taken by unknown people. The head of the company Le Minh Tam disappeared about a week ago, he is suspected of stealing funds, wrote the local portal VNExpress.

The case with Sky Mining may cause a tightening of the rules in Vietnam, as it was with Modern Tech, whose founders are wanted after stealing $ 660 million. The story with the startup was the reason for the ban on importing miners into the country. In addition, a few days ago, the State Commission on Securities prohibited local companies from working with digital assets.

It became known about the theft when the CEO Sky Mining wrote a post on Facebook that the profitability of his company fell along with the courses of cryptocurrencies. He asked investors for forgiveness and invited them to the company office. There he promised to declare bankruptcy and return the invested funds. Investors found that the office is not working, and 600 miners were taken out from it by people who said they were servicing this equipment.

The deputy chairman of the board of the company Le Minh Hieu said that the company’s assets were dealt by the general director, and his tracks can be found in the US. Sky Mining appealed to the police and formed a council that will assess the exact amount of damage and help investors receive compensation.

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