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US Medical complex Mount Sinai explores the possibility of using blockchain in the healthcare


Mount Sinai Medical Complex in America has created a research center, where they will study the possibilities of introducing blockchain technologies into the medical field. It is reported that the New York Medical School, created by this hospital, has already opened the work of the center.

The center’s tasks will include analysis of the capabilities of the distributed registry technology, development of its own prototypes of blockchain networks, which can be used for medical purposes. The Center will operate at the Institute of Healthcare, where they are engaged in the study of artificial intelligence and its applications, genomic scanning, and other technologies.

It is planned to use developed artificial platforms for creating medical products, conducting clinical trials and for preventing counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry.
The project will also carry out other research aimed at implementing the blockchain into medicine. Today, this technology is considered for use in the development of new drugs and for clinical trials, as well as in the control of the sale of medications.

The center will work under the leadership of Joel Dudley, who previously worked as a senior researcher in another institution, and studied artificial intelligence in biology. In the near future, Dudley will have to concentrate on creating health predictions based on data from a variety of studies from the patient’s history.

The Center will begin its work by processing data from more than 140 healthcare companies that have implemented the blockchain system. Previously, these companies managed to attract about $ 670 million with the help of ICO.

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