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Boomstarter launched cryptocurrency payments and announced the blockchain-based platform


Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter launched the payment of pre-orders for products and services of entrepreneurs using the popular cryptocurrencies.

Until now crowdfunding platforms allowed payments using traditional currencies, which passed through banks or payment systems with a large delay, the report says.

“Banks traditionally carry out such payments within a few days or weeks. There are cases when due to additional checks on the part of payment systems, the waiting for transfers was delayed for months. As a result, the terms of product development are shifting, buyers are disappointed, and startups are wasting energy, time and money to compensate for the delay in money, “the company said.

The new payment method will eliminate the dependence of crowdfunding on banks and payment systems, the company explained.

In particular, transactions on the Ethereum network take an average of several minutes.

The launch of payment with the help of cryptocurrencies is a transitional stage for the implementation of a new platform for start-ups based on the Boomstarter.Network blockchain technology.

“The new platform is called Boomstarter.Network, on it all payments will be in cryptocurrencies. This means that entrepreneurs from any country will be able to sell their product, and payments will be transparent, “said Maria Dokshina, Boomstarter director.

According to her, the new site will allow users to independently mine digital money with the help of an ordinary home computer.

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