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Hitachi will launch a blockchain payments verified with a fingerprint


A major Japanese company, Hitachi, is launching a joint project with a telecom giant KDDI.

The blockchain system developed by Hitachi with Hyperledger Fabric technology is combined with the biometric verification of Hitachi and the KDDI coupon system.

Hitachi explains that when customers agree to use the system, they register their coupon loans and biometric information, which are then coded into a line of encrypted data and stored in the blockchain.

By initiating a transaction in a retail store that accepts these coupons and participates in the blockchain as a node, the customer confirms their identity with the fingerprint reader that sends the request to the network, after which the transaction is executed. Companies plan to launch transactions using coupons in a distributed network, where client fingerprints will be used to validate transactions.

“As a result, users can verify themselves with a fingerprint and they do not need to print a coupon on paper. There is even no need to show a coupon in the store and it can be used without a smartphone, “the press release said.

The authorized Hitachi emphasize that the use of distributed registry technology will undoubtedly help to instantly spread the information about the used or appeared coupon.

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