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Bitmain controls up to 4% of the bitcoin hashrate


The giant of mining Bitmain promised to publish once a month to report on what kind of mining capacities it has and what kind of hashrate is controlled by the company. We are talking about data on three algorithms: SHA256, ETHASH and SCRYPT.

The bitcoin-mining giant Bitmain informed that they will publish regular reports on the size of the internal mining operations within the framework of the general course on transparency necessary to enter the placement of shares in 2015. Bitmain reported that the company owns the mining capacity for the three algorithms: SHA256 (1,692 PH / s), Ethash (339.7 GH / s) and Scrypt (44.2 GH / s).

“Bitmain controls only 3% of existing hash power on the SHA256 algorithm.”

Naturally, this information has already been criticized by the community. Moreover, the company promised to publish data on the number of new miners in the first batch and delivery times.

Bitmain also refutes the fact of deliberate mining of empty blocks, in other words, blocks that contain no transactions except one used to pay out the award, thus giving an answer to critics suggesting that the Chinese company specifically causes congestion in the bitcoin blockchain to entice users into the Bitcoin Cash network in whose support was repeatedly voiced by the CEO of Bitmain Cihan Wu. And they are considered to be subordinate to Bitmain.

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