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Watts Miners – single miner for multiple algorithms


UPDATE: There are some concerns that the information below might be misleading, so we strongly recommend to read the article, called “Watts Miners ASICs – a scam?” first.

The Watts Miners company has released three innovative cryptocurrency miners, which support several algorithms and are easy to use. With their help, you can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash.

Three new miners called Watts Mini, Watts Miner and Watts Rack use ASIC technology and several mining algorithms. According to experts, the miners will pay off in just a month! They differ from competitors in low power consumption and high hashrate. Before the sale, all devices were tested under various extreme conditions and were successfully tested.

The hash power of the miners are:

Watts Mini: Bitcoin 120 TH / s, Litecoin 30 GH / s, Ethereum 4 GH / s, Monero 200 KH / s and Dash 1.1 TH / s.
Watts Miner: Bitcoin 250 TH / s, Litecoin 50 GH / s, Ethereum 7 GH / s, Monero 300 KH / s and Dash 1.7 TH / s.
Watts Rack: Bitcoin 1000 TH / s, Litecoin 200 GH / s, Ethereum 28 GH / s, Monero 1200 KH / s and Dash 6.8 TH / s.

Other key features include:

An effective cooling system with a closed loop.
Low noise level.
Built-in anti-vibration cushion.
The service life is more than 70,000 hours.
The volume of energy consumption: Watts Mini – 800W ± 10%, Watts Miner – 1200W ± 10% and Watts Rack – 4800W ± 10%.
Competitive price: Watts Mini – $ 4900, Watts Miner – $ 7000, Watts Rack – $ 20,000.
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