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For the first time in history, the birth of a child was registered with the help of the blockchain


The Irish Medical Project AID:Tech in association with Dutch PharmAccess implemented the first ever birth registration of a baby (from Tanzania) in the blockchain.

The AID:Tech project is aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the poor population around the world and supporting refugees. The organization uses blockchain technology to digitally register people and refugees who need money, guaranteeing direct collection of funds to everyone who has an identification number on the platform.

Since recently, AID:Tech has also been supporting pregnant women in poor countries, providing medical care to expectant mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The project gives each woman a digital ID, and also records all changes in their condition during pregnancy: from the first consultation to the delivery, – in the blockchain.

On July 13, the first baby was born, whose birth was recorded in the blockchain, by assigning a digital blockchain ID. A week later two more newborns were already registered on the platform. Thanks to the digital blockchain ID, now their mothers will have access to a system that provides postnatal support and prescription of medicines.

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