Thursday, June 1, 2023

Blockchain for astronomy


Startups AIKON and Hadron decided to use the blockchain for processing the data for from the Hubble Space Telescope.

AIKON specialists will provide astronomers from the Institute of Space Telescopes (STScI) an interface through which scientists receive photos from the Hubble. And Hadron’s blockchain-network will help in the processing and visualization of these data.

Josh Peake, an astronomer from STScI, said that processing data from space telescopes requires a lot of CPU time. However, the blockchain-based solution will allow the more efficient use of the computing resources.

In addition, the solution on the blockchain is 10 times cheaper than the standard cloud computing used by NASA and STScI.

The processor time will be paid by the CPU tokens from AIKON. It is known that the cryptocurrency is linked to the average cost of computing capacity charged by cloud hosting services.

The system is already being tested by a small group of astronomers from STScI, using a stock of free CPU tokens. AIKON plans to use the billing system (pay as you go) for new coin holders.

Recall, in the middle of April, it became known that the technology of Ethereum smart contracts will form the basis of a new project to automate the maneuvering of space vehicles in evading space debris.

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