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Hut 8 the world’s largest miner listed on the stock exchange


Canadian company Hut 8, engaged in bitcoin mining, in its press release announced the completion of construction of its second mining division in Medicine Hat, which was completed ahead of schedule, set in September. The new mining area is ready to begin work together with the facility, which is located in Drumheller.
Thus, the total capacity of both mining facilities is 487.5 petahashes per second (PH / s), which makes Hut 8 the world’s largest miner, listed on the stock exchange.

The launch of the new mining site was carried out jointly with BitFury, which provided access to the mining equipment and other resources.

The partnership between Hut 8 and BitFury contributes to the further diversification of the bitcoin mining industry, with the Chinese company Bitmain still playing the dominant role.

Hut 8 succeeded even despite the fact that this year Canada has become not the most favorable jurisdiction. Local politicians doubt the value of mining enterprises for the economy and create different obstacles for the mining companies that are trying to access cheap electricity in the province of Quebec and create mining sites of the digital currencies there.

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