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Augur, the blockchain-totalizator, started paying money to players


Decentralized platform for the formation of rates Augur has proved to the whole world its validity. In the tweeter, the project representatives told about the first payments.
In total for the period of acceptance of rates the sum at a rate of $ 20 thousand was generated, which eventually was successfully transferred to users, according to the rules of the project. The platform co-founder, Joey Krag, noted the following: “We found several bugs in the user interface, which, incidentally, does not pose a serious threat to the livelihood of Augur.”
Recall, Augur is a peer-to-peer platform, within which anyone can form their own question (stake). This could be an attempt to get opinions on the upcoming election results, as well as sports betting and much more. It all depends on the imagination of users. At the same time, information is stored on the blockchain and all parties can see the actual results.
The payout phase is also noteworthy because there used to be a lot of rumors about the insolvency of the project. In other words, users Augur literally trusted the team, which, in the end, did not disappoint. Fundraising itself was initiated almost three years ago. The work was conducted long enough, in connection with which investors began to doubt the possibilities of putting the project into the real world.

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