Thursday, June 1, 2023

Monero XMR Protocol has been tested


Recently, Monero developers announced that they are going to introduce a new version of the protocol, in which the concept of “bulletproofs” developed by Benedikt Bünz will be used.

According to the team, the development should improve the anonymity of transactions, scalability of the network, reduce the time of verification, and significantly reduce commission fees.

Today it became known that the specialists of Kudelski Security have completed the verification, they were able to identify only a few minor deviations, which are already corrected by the developers. In other aspects, the result is extremely positive.

The protocol is to be introduced into the main network in the early to mid-autumn of 2018. Monero is waiting for 2 more audits from Quarkslab and Benedikt Bünz, while the protocol is in the test network. Experts believe that after the launch of the protocol, the rate of cryptocurrency may go up.

Now the token shows positive growth results. Over the past day, XMR grew by 2.33% and is now trading at a price of $ 126. Token ranked 13th in the cryptocurrency rating by capitalization but is actively seeking to top-10.

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