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Binance and the Government of Malta launch the first decentralized bank


HYIP around Malta, which is concentrating on its territory crypto projects, continues to gain momentum after the announcement of the imminent emergence of a decentralized bank. One of the main stumbling blocks for the so-called “Blockchain-Islands” was the difficulty around getting crypto companies access to banking services. It seems that now the situation will change.

Founders Bank will provide services to progressive financial companies. The project is a collaboration between the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance and a blockchain platform to raise funds for Neufund. Founders Bank argue that this will be the first stable and high-tech solution, narrowing the gap between the traditional financial world and innovative cryptocurrency companies.

Minister of Digital Innovation and Financial Services Silvio Shembri believes the project is a breakthrough for Malta. “This is another brick to our rapidly growing ecosystem. Next week we will announce new projects. The culmination will be a presentation during the DELTA Summit, which will be held on October 3-5 in Malta, “he said.

Crypto Exchange Binance is Backing the World’s First Decentralized Bank in Malta, CCN, Jul 12
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