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Balaji Srinivasan, Coinbase: cryptocurrencies will be 60 times more popular


According to the technical director of the US exchange, the digital money market is just beginning to develop. He noted that the potential user base can grow tens of times.

Technical director of Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan is sure that over time, the interest of users to the cryptocurrency market will grow 60 times. He compared the number of people in the world who own smartphones, and those that hold digital money.

It’s interesting, because there is a Project, aiming to gain smartphone users’ attention to cryptocurrency, Electroneum.

Some Twitter users agreed with him and said that these figures mean prospects for the growth of the industry. However, others doubt the accuracy of these data and the appropriateness of comparing smartphone owners and holders of cryptocurrency.

They compared this statement to the fact that 60% of Americans will buy lottery tickets since they can do this with a mobile phone. One commentator added that a smartphone is a necessity, and digital money is not.

Technical director Coinbase referred to the Finder survey, which involved 2 thousand Americans. However, among those who do not have digital money, only 8% plan to do it in the future. The rest speak of lack of interest, risk, fear of fraud and the complexity of the issue. Some of the respondents consider bitcoin a bubble and wait for it to burst. Others are sure that such transactions will have to pay a very high commission.


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