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Palladium – the world’s first ICCO


Against the background of how rapidly the industry develops, the emergence of new ways to raise funds for investing in projects – like a sip of cool water in the heart of the Sahara desert.

Today it became known that the blockchain start-up Palladium, with the support of the Bittrex crypto exchange, is launching the world’s first initial convertible coins offering, abbreviated ICCO.

Some usefulness. What is ICCO?
The main difference between ICCO and all the usual initial placement of ICO tokens lies in the fact that within three years after the release, the coin holders will be able to change them at any time for the shares of the Palladium blockchain start-up.

“ICCO Palladium – is one of the most unique investment opportunities in the whole blockchain industry. Our project will dilute all boundaries between traditional financial services and cryptocurrencies, “said Palladium’s founder Professor Paolo Catalano.

Another important aspect is that the project was launched in Malta, which more recently became the first state to provide legal certainty to the blockchain.

Even the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, and the head of the Maltese financial services department, Joseph Kushiri, visited the project. The financial goal of the world’s first ICCO is $ 150 million, and the main stage of ICCO Palladium will be held from July 25 to September 30.

Sunset of the era of ICO is already close?
It is worth noting that despite all ICO problems, including a high-risk share and a huge number of SCAM projects, we do not think that soon we will see the decline of the ICO era.

It was the ICO that gave a tremendous push to the whole industry, but at the moment, until this sphere is properly regulated, investors will keep losing their money, and every second student will launch projects …

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