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Ethereum: new level of security – Vyper


The team released a new language Vyper.

Vyper offers an alternative to Solidity for developers with changes that make it an upgrade.


Vyper is compiled into EVM bytecode – Ethereum Virtual Machine, very similar to Solidity. Nevertheless, the whole process will become more simple and convenient for users. It aims to simplify the understanding of smart contracts with greater transparency and fewer attack points.

For smart contracts to do the job perfectly and efficiently, the code is very important. If it is not highly effective, it will become prohibitively expensive. That’s why, similar to Solidity and syntactically similar to Python, Vyper will be an excellent replacement.

Various key updates for v0.1.0-beta.1 Vyper:

  • Class inheritance and overloading of functions are removed;
  • Preserved different designs, already known to programmers;
  • Overload and recursion of the operator are now excluded;
  • Also excluded: built-in assembly, binary fixed point, and modifiers.

All improvements are aimed at simplification, which is contrary to other updates. To improve security, various improvements will make the language more complex. As the developers of Vyper added: “… deliberately prohibits things or makes things more difficult if it finds it appropriate to achieve the goal of improving security.”

When the highest level of security is requested – Vyper will come to hand. For example, smart contracts that contain the patient’s health metadata.

Very positive feedback has already come to social networks by those who started experimenting with the language. In Reddit, many people support the fact that developers point to security problems.

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