Friday, June 9, 2023

EOS: centralize everything!


Among all the EOS block miners, there are two very powerful players in the crypto cryptocurrency – Bitfinex and Bitmain, whose daily combined revenue is only about $ 16,000 on EOS blocks.

Launched recently and not without problems, the EOS blockchain continues to evolve. But the crypto community, for the most part, is inclined to believe that the development of EOS is moving towards centralization, which completely does not correspond to the initial development rate.

Owners of EOS tokens, when voting for block miners, voted for such big players as Bitfinex and Bitmain. Because of this, there is a danger of complete control by these giants.

Bitmain represents EOS AntPool, which is engaged in the mining of EOS and is included in one large mining pool AntPool. The miners of this pool got the right to vote, and now they are among the 21 participants who will mine the EOS. According to the statistics provided, currently, EOS AntPool accounts receive 845 daily EOS tokens mined, which, according to the current exchange rate, are about $ 7,000.

The leading position in the list of EOS miners is the “daughter” of another Bitfinex giant, called Bitfinex EOS1, with a daily amount of 1020 tokens. This is about $ 9,000 every day.

Now it is very difficult to determine how much this distribution of mining capacities will affect the EOS network, but such a degree of control already causes certain concerns today.

Earlier it was reported that EOS assigned a category B in the Weiss rating.

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