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Facebook will allow advertising cryptocurrency, but not ICO


Five months after the introduction of the ban on advertising cryptocurrency projects, the social network Facebook revised its “policy on prohibited products and services”, allowing advertising of cryptocurrencies again (but not ICO or binary options). This was reported by the director of product management Facebook Rob Lizern in his blog. He also announced the January ban.

“In January, we announced the application of new policies aimed at banning advertisements used to promote financial products and services, which are often associated with misleading practices such as binary options, initial coin placement, and cryptocurrencies,” he wrote, adding , that the ban was specifically made large-scale, so that in the future the company could reconsider it.

“For the past few months, we have been studying the possibilities for clarifying this policy in order to allow some announcements. Starting June 26, we will update our policies and allow to promote cryptocurrencies and related content to prior authorized advertisers. But we reserve the ban on promoting binary options and the initial coin offerings, ” explains Lizern.

Advertisers wishing to place advertising cryptocurrency in Facebook must fill out a special form, after which the social network will decide on the permissibility of publishing their ads. Lizern notes that when making decisions, his company will be guided by such factors as the availability of licenses, admission to trade on public exchanges, etc.

“The presence of these restrictions implies that not everyone who wants it will be allowed to promote their products,” the Facebook representative adds. “It is important that we continue to remove the misleading advertising associated with such products and services, so please report the content violation on our content platform by violating the advertising rules on our platform by clicking on” Report ads “in the upper right corner of any ad.”

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