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FinMiner became the fastest mining program on Linux


Program for Mining cryptocurrency, FinMiner from Nanopool showed the highest performance on the algorithm Ethash on Linux among competitors. Developers were able to optimize the algorithm of calculations in an original way. Due to the increase in productivity FinMiner will bring users more profit.

It should be noted, FinMiner is a software for the mining of digital currencies on Nvidia video cards. The main differences of the program: high stability of operation and a simple configuration file, which even a novice can cope with. For experienced miners, there are more advanced settings.

The client supports the algorithms Ethash and CryptoNight (including version V7) and allows you to mine 25 electronic currencies created on these algorithms: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Electroneum, etc.

In the new version of FinMiner from June 26, 2013, there are many serious internal updates. Work on Windows is optimized. There was a client for Linux, in which the developers optimized the algorithm Ethash, which gave a significant increase in performance.

“The higher the speed of mining, the higher it’s profitability. Therefore, there was the task of creating the fastest miner. And we did it. While for Ethash, we also accelerate other algorithms, “said A. Trusov, founder of Nanopool and project manager of FinMiner.

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