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Microsoft will use the blockchain to calculate the rewards for publishers of Xbox games


The whole process will be faster, and the company will spend less on it.
Microsoft announced the launch of a new program that uses blockchain through the Azure platform to calculate the royalty deductions that relate to publishers on the Xbox.
Earlier, company representatives said that publishers can find out exactly how much they earned from sales only 45 days after the end of the desired period. It is assumed that the use of technology will significantly accelerate the process and reduce the necessary operational capacities for this.
Microsoft noted that from such a solution everyone will only benefit from efficiency, security, and cost, since when using the blockchain, the payments will be more accurate, and the method itself is more secure than the previous calculations manually. At the same time, the company hopes that the launch of the program will increase the trust of shareholders, and in the future, the audit will take less time.
A representative of one of the Microsoft advisers on business issues said that the widespread introduction of the blockchain is inevitable, and this is not just another trend. According to him, the leaders should think about using the technology in their organizations, since those who will accept such changes in time, potentially will only win from this.

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