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Bitcoin dropped to its lowest price in 2018


The price of one BTC fell below $ 6 thousand, updating the lowest price for 2018.

Yesterday, June 22, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world –¬†Bitcoin, fell to the lowest values this year – $ 6 thousand. This is evidenced by the price index from CoinDesk, reports PaySPace.

It is reported that the most popular cryptocurrency fell to $ 5,938, exceeding the previous minimum of $ 5,947, set on February 6. At the close of trading on June 22, the price of bitcoin was $ 6,083, while the trades on that day opened at $ 6737. Thus, just in a day, bitcoin has fallen in price by more than $ 650.

In addition, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency also fell to $ 102 billion, which is the lowest indicator for the year. Meanwhile, as of June 23, the bitcoin rate remains near the last, important psychological level of $ 6000 in readiness to go lower. Now it trades for $ 6,101. The Bitcoin Cash rate has fallen only by 0.55% and is at $ 746 with a capitalization of $ 12 101 billion.

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