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Crypto ATM installed at the Amsterdam airport


At the Amsterdam airport, the first ATM for cryptocurrency in the city was installed.

To install the first test crypto cash machine was chosen airport Schiphol. At this stage, it offers users two leading cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and Ethereum.

The airport was not casually chosen, according to its management, installation of crypto ATM was necessary for the improvement of service of passengers. For example, an ATM will allow tourists to exchange euro, which may not be useful in their country, for cryptocurrency.

A crypto ATM at the airport was installed by a local provider of software solutions – ByeleX Data Solutions BV.

In the world, at the beginning of 2018, there were about 2,177 bitcoin ATMs, and almost half of them support other altcoins. In 2017, the number of bitcoin ATMs almost doubled – from 954 to 2028.

Most of these devices are in the US, their total number is 1,296. Canada is on the second place with 108 ATMs, and in third place is the UK, where 108 devices are installed. Interestingly, while in Asia there are only 47 BTM, this is only 2.16% of the total number, despite the fact that the cryptocurrencies here are very popular. In Africa and the Middle East, there are already working samples.

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