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IOST, ETC and NANO: top performers in the last 24 hours


Cryptomarket shows signs of life and it is ready to grow even in spite of breaking of crypto exchange Bithumb which has occurred yesterday, having turned a situation in many markets. The crypto traders noted that bitcoin (BTC) managed to stay on its feet after the strike, it survived despite the hacking. Crypto king has lost only a small amount, within the limits of, rather, the error, at a rate of 1.3%, and from that moment has already managed to recover and even grow a little. At the time of writing this article, its value is $ 6,769: the growth of 1.72%.

Given the stability of the price of bitcoin (BTC), the overall market capitalization could grow slightly – by almost $ 10 billion. Thus, from yesterday’s level of $ 282 billion it has grown to $ 290 billion. This is a fairly broad step, which was exactly what cryptomarket needed in order to recover and begin to grow again.

Over the past 24 hours, only some of the top cryptocurrencies have been able to impress us with their green percentages.

Among the most fortunate were, as always, the altcoins:

IOSToken (IOST) has become one of the most successful crypto assets that have performed very well over the past 24 hours. This token previously took off to a level of $ 0.033, and at the moment, stablly fluctuates around $ 0.313. IOST, for the past 24 hours, grew by 6.42%, which allowed the general market to increase the required volumes of capitalization.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is also in the top three. Since then, as the crypto exchange Coinbase decided to add a token to its lists, its case clearly went uphill. At the time of writing this article, the token is trading at $ 17.09, up 13% in the past 24 hours.

The list is supplemented by Nano (NANO). This altcoin also showed quite a significant increase in the last 24 hours. At the time of this writing, the token grew by 10% for the same timeframe as its competitors, and now trades at $ 2.97.

The last in the list is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). This altcoin, in the last 24 hours, could grow by 12.55%, and at the time of writing this article is already trading at $ 0.277, which is a good result for this token.

Summarizing, we can say that at the moment all cryptomarket is experiencing relief, which, however, can be slightly undermined by suitable days off. Hacker attacks on Coinrail and Bithumb, as we can see, did not greatly frighten investors.

Dr. Robert Statica, an expert in cyber security, who is also a specialist in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain, talked about how both hacking had affected the future of all cryptos. One of the most serious questions that almost all investors asked him were with whom he had an opportunity to talk: how will the hacker attacks affect institutional investors, who so far seem not to have reached a general conclusion regarding the crypto industry?

Statica answered this question in the following way: “Institutional investors are very familiar with the risk, they feel quite comfortable in dangerous conditions, but they will think twice before putting all their assets in one of the crypto exchange, in total, the funds will be distributed between 2-5 other crypto exchanges, because it will be safer. “

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