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Medium Platform started blocking cryptocurrency media


Medium blocks posts dedicated to cryptocurrency news. In companies Status and Blockchain.io note that the web service removes their texts without explaining the reasons. Cryptocurrency companies are afraid that a centralized campaign of censorship begins against the blockchain.

Why this is important

  1. On Medium, there are a large number of long reads and analytics dedicated to the blockchain. Also here is published data on the progress of ICO and other cryptocurrency projects. According to experts, the platform is one of the main channels of communication of the cryptosphere.
  2. In 2018, the state regulation of the cryptocurrency sector is strengthening. The US Securities and Exchange Commission monitors possible fraud in the organization of the ICO, while in the PRC state that they want to place the entire cryptosphere under state control. In Russia, there have also been cases of blocking cryptocurrency media, but recently the state position has become more loyal.

“We tried to publish in our blog the text on the updated Bug Bounty Program recently. The post was immediately blocked, then an electronic notification came in which the details of the violation were not disclosed, and a link to the updated Medium policy on the regulation of cryptocurrency information, ”

the Status said in a statement.

The company emphasizes that the new Medium norms were not violated. In accordance with the document, Status compiled a new text, which was also blocked. This week, the Blockchain.io resource blog also suffered, where some of the remote posts were recovered.

The blocking of cryptocurrency content began to occur on other Internet platforms. Twitter, Google, Facebook and other resources prohibit advertising ICO and cryptocurrency. Status is afraid of growing “censorship” regarding the crypto sector. “We believe that the forces of censorship and centralization are closely related, and we are concerned when we see how our freedom of expression is so unjustifiably restricted,” the company said.

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