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BTC, ETH and XRP price analysis


Yesterday we could observe the inflow of new capital to the crypto market, at the volume of $ 12 billion. This happened after a number of positive comments on the industry. The inflow of new capital has come as perfectly timed as never before, since the main cryptocurrencies began to gradually give up their critical positions, taken last week.

BTC, ETH and XRP price analysis - Coinatory

At the moment, bitcoin has a unique opportunity to regain his former greatness and lead the cryptomarket again.

4-hour chart of the pair BTC / USD

The pair BTC / USD, at the time of writing this article, began to trade at $ 6,705, slightly above the 50-EMA. Bitcoin is now in a very favorable position to start growing again.

Above, the nearest barrier for the coin will be the level of $ 6,850, from which bitcoin will be able to reach 100-SMA, passing in the $ 7,050- $ 7,000 zone. A little higher, another rather important border is waiting – $ 7,100.

From the bears, with the loss of 50-EMA, bitcoin will immediately roll back to $ 6,600, and then – to $ 6,400. The $ 6,400 mark is a critical one and represents the last chance for bitcoin to correct before it plunges into a full bearish scenario again.

The MACD indicator on this chart moves above zero, but it needs to gain altitude to spur the growth of bitcoin. Typical behavior for this setting is to monitor how the indicator behaves in the short term.

The index of directional movement demonstrates the control of purchases, ADX was also subjugated. This is a traditional pattern that speaks of the possibility of developing a bull trend.

4-hour chart of the pair ETH / USD

The ETH / USD pair held the Asian session above the 50-EMA, but still below the bearish channel ceiling. Today, Ethereum began to shift to the top, to the opening of the European session. The coin has a rather complicated path up ahead. The critical barrier is $ 520, but the coin will need to break it to get to the 100-SMA, located at around $ 545. If all these barriers are passed, then the next, the final border, from which the bullish trend will begin, will be found by coin at $ 565.

BTC, ETH and XRP price analysis - Coinatory
The MACD indicator tells us that its profile is almost identical to what we could see in bitcoin, however, with a slightly lower lift, however, this behavior may well bring the coin to the bulls.

The Directional Movement Index also demonstrates that purchases have intercepted market control, and ADX has been passed, which should also help the bullish trend. Sales are a little quieter, although they are still above level 20. Before they go back, you need to wait for the signals confirming the trend.

4-hour chart of the pair XRP / USD

The pair XRP / USD for yesterday could not take 50-EMA, although it managed to get out of the protracted bearish trend, which led it far down. Today, Ripple has not yet reached EMA, which runs near $ 0.55, just above the key point at $ 0.54.

A little higher, another critical position can be called the price level at $ 0.584, where Ripple can also begin a bullish trend.

Among the supports at Ripple can be identified only a fairly remote level of $ 0.52, and then – $ 0.50. From the last border may well start another bearish trend.

BTC, ETH and XRP price analysis - Coinatory

The MACD indicator on this chart still tells us that it is not as active as other coins, and still could not break through the zero line. Ripple seems to be in opposition to overall growth, although its setting can easily support any gust of the coin to move up. That is, the trend in the Ripple market must first consolidate. If this does not happen – Ripple will be the first candidate to fall into a bear pit.

The index of directional movement shows us a strong gap between purchases and sales, which should somehow change the state of affairs in the stagnant market. ADX went far up, so if Ripple wants to get on the bullish trend, it’ll have to find some strength and start moving more actively in the right direction.

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