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Bitcoin Core v0.16.1 Released!


The Bitcoin Core development team released a new update of the Bitcoin Core main client Bitcoin Core v0.16.1 on June 15

Bitcoin Core is a freely available open source project under development, distributed under the MIT license, the main client for connecting to the Bitcoin network and the wallet of the same name.

The new version of Bitcoin Core includes “new features, features, various fixes and performance improvements, as well as updates to translations into different languages.”

To see a full list of changes, you can read the link: Release notes.

It is noteworthy that in the new version of the client, the function to limit the size of the blocks “-blockmaxsize” (added in version 0.15.1.) Has been removed – henceforth, the miners should use the “-blockmaxweight” option to limit the weight of the blocks.

Also, the update affected bitcoin wallets, which were created based on version 0.16.0 and earlier versions. They are more “incompatible with the versions preceding v0.16, and will not work if you try to use newly created wallets in older versions,” the release says.

You can download client updates by following the link: Bitcoin Core 0.16.1

Bitcoin Core is the most popular bitcoin implementation that supports 95% of network hosts. Over the creation and improvement of the project code since 2009, 547 independent volunteer developers have been working, of which only in 2018, 54 new participants joined the project.
GitHub Activity – an undervalued indicator of the development of the cryptocurrency – reflects the frequency of code updates and the amount of work on its development, demonstrating not only the viability but also the evolution of the cryptocurrency project.

The previous version of the Bitcoin Core client was released in mid-February and represented the full support for the Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol in the user interface wallet, then Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song commented on this important step as follows: “As a result of this update, native SegWit (bech32 ) will be much more common. This will reduce the inflation of the blocks and will inspire other ecosystem wallets to support bech32. ”

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