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RISE To Roll Out New Wallets and Changes For Community


As part of a movement designed to help increase adoption of decentralized application blockchain, the RISE team has announced that a host of changes will be made including the introduction of an improved wallet.

In its newsletter, the team admitted to having received feedback from users who described the current RISE wallet as ‘not user-friendly’ and even crashing in some instances.

New wallets designed in the TypeScript programming language has been developed by the RISE team to make its wallet easy to use for everyone.

A new feature will now be an educational section within the wallets that first-time developers can rely on for guidance.

Even though a fixed date for launching the new wallets has not been disclosed, non-English native developers on the RISE blockchain were encouraged to apply for a wallet testing period scheduled for June.

The team remains wary of the cybersecurity challenges facing the entire blockchain community and has made a Security update to the RISE. However, developers are to update their mainnet nodes as soon as possible in order to remain protected.

Interestingly, RISE was made available to traders on the Exrates exchange in three different pairs with BTC, ETH, and USD just in the last month and the company has admitted they would be focusing more effort on getting the token listed on top exchanges.

An incentive to lure new developers to the blockchain would be the RISE Developer Application Challenge that will run from June 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2018.

Best developers with apps created in the Javascript, Python, and Typescript languages with the RISE APIs will be rewarded with 100,000 RISE.

RISE on the Rise

It has been an exciting period of growth for the RISE blockchain as it currently boasts over 100 million active users.

Stats released by the team also shows that 2,562,962,  a 2% of its total users were promoted based on a voting system from 101 (low rank) to 202 (high rank) delegates securing the network.

Even though the community prides itself as an ecosystem for developers, more positive steps towards the actualization of the “rise vision’’ could mean a potential rise for its token.

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