Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Siacoin is feeling great


Siacoin is expected to gain + 60%.

Fundamental SC tells us that it is expected to list the currency on the Binance exchange, as well as Okex.

This takes the 31st line in terms of capitalization, so these events can take place. We follow the SC marches for several days.

The technical analysis gives us to understand that the course deviated from the support of the uptrend. However, Sia has long been in a declining trend and is a real solution to the growing trend for everyone who is interested in SC. In addition, SC overcame the first resistance of the triangle. Along the way, the next break of the larger triangle is already at the level of the second target. Bollinger bands show us that the currency is ready for purchases, where we will wait for it.

Purchase area: now!

Zones of sales:

2 – 275 sat.

1- 320 sat.

Stop-loss: 230-220 sat.

This is proved by the uptrend of SC at Bittrex:Siacoin is feeling great - Coinatory


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