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Industrial refinement of quantum blockchain in Russia will end in 2019


The industrial refinement of blockchain technology using quantum should be completed in 2019. This was announced on Friday by TASS, the head of the quantum communications group of the Russian Quantum Center (RCC) Yury Kurochkin.
“It takes about one year to complete the industrial development of the quantum blockchain, which means that the industrial version of the technology is expected in 2019. Last year, we tested the quantum blockchain with Gazprombank, after which we need to develop this software before the industrial implementation, the most important thing is to select practical tasks, “Kurochkin said on the sidelines of the conference Digital Industry of Industrial Russia (CYPR-2018).
According to him, this technology was invented by Russian scientists for the first time in the world. In the case of creating quantum computers, on which scientists work practically all over the world, cybercriminals will be able to hack online wallets based on blockchain technology, the main advantage of which is security now. The use of quantum capabilities to protect the blockchain will eliminate this possibility, Kurochkin explained.
Blockchain technology is a structured database with specific rules for building transaction chains and accessing information that does not allow data to be stolen and deal with fraud.
The conference on the digital economy “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” is taking place in Innopolis from June 6 to 8. It is planned that over 6,500 people will attend the conference over these days, more than 200 speakers will speak, including heads of federal and regional agencies, representatives of big business and start-ups, private investors and representatives of state development institutions, business practitioners and representatives of the scientific community. The main topics of the conference will be global technological trends – from neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality to the industrial Internet and quantum technology.

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