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Mysterious bitcoin-whale holds 94,000 BTC


The eyebrows of one of the participants of the Chinese forum about bitcoin involuntarily rose up after he caught the address of the wallet to which more than 90,000 BTC had been transferred since the end of March.

At least one person in China can safely call himself a HODLer, as a total of 93947 BTC has been transferred to his or her bitcoin wallet since March 25, 2018. The purse address is 1KAt6STtisWMMVo5XGdos9P7DBNNsFfjx7 and currently, it has 85.947 of the total amount in BTC, which was originally there after the sale of exactly 8,000 BTC.

The forum participant indicates that the BABI Finance organization has studied the wallet transactions.

“BABI Finance discovered that the account holder tends to buy bitcoin when it falls. This account was the sixth largest wallet in the Bitcoin network. Five top-wallets belong to exchanges, “- wrote the user.
According to the collected statistics, most of the BTC was sent by large transfers from separate accounts. The second largest source, where the bitcoins were transferred, is the Chinese crypto exchange Huobi.

After this amount, there were small transfers from several wallets, for a total of 7,800 BTC. The smallest translation was made from another Chinese exchange

“We do not know who is behind this mysterious account. This is one of the delights of the Bitcoin network. However, with reference to the traditional financial market, the owner of this account can be a large investment institution, “the user added.
It could be assumed that this is the cold wallet of some exchange, but the theory does not fit in with the fact that bitcoins were transferred from two different exchanges.

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