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Forking June! Six upcoming hard forks


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology passes through various technological stages of development – hard fork is one of such stages. When it comes to hard fork, it is due to the split of the existing blockchain protocol or the recognition that the blocks of the old chain are recognized as invalid at some point. This process requires the participation of nodes or software updates to a new version.

As a rule, the emergence of a new fork of the network leads to an increase in the cost of the main cryptocurrency, from which the new branch has budged, and to improve the efficiency of the network. Therefore, such events are focused on the community. Below, we will present you a compilation of the six hard forks scheduled for June.

Hard fork is scheduled for the end of the second quarter (until June 30).

HempCoin is a cryptocurrency that is linked to the sphere of the cannabis, where producers can sell their product directly to customers. The new version of the tokens will be anonymous and will include the master function.

The project exists since 2014, on the project site you can download the official wallet for Windows. The coin is traded in a pair with Bitcoin on the Bittrex exchange.

Planned date: 07 June 2018.

BitShares will receive a kernel update in June. As the team reports, the project will update its system through the hard forks twice a year: on the first Thursday of June and December.

The BitShares platform is a decentralized open source crypto exchange, developed on the basis of blockchain technology. Its main goal is to reduce the risks associated with centralized crypto exchanges. For example, hacker attacks lead to the fact that users lose money due to errors in centralized crypto-instruments. The emergence of decentralized exchanges makes the process of trading cryptocurrency more secure.

BitShares is traded on several exchanges: BitShares Asset Exchange, CoinEgg, Binance, Poloniex, Huobi, Livecoin, Indodax and others.

Planned date: until June 21st.

DigiByte Foundation has planned a hard fork for the summer of 2018. The closest hard fork will touch the mining algorithm, which will make it more friendly to mining on graphics cards (GPUs).

DigiByte is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a platform for developing decentralized applications, managed and launched by smart contracts. The coin can be bought at Bittrex, Poloniex, Kucoin, HitBTC, Upbit, Livecoin, Cryptopia and other venues.

On the official site, you can download a wallet for any device.

Fork date: June 26.

Fork is aimed at resisting the mining on ASIC, which is scheduled for delivery by the end of June. Changes will make the ASICs be useless iron in the ZenCash mining. The new update will only support miners on graphics cards.

The ZenCash team wants to create the world’s first fully anonymous, encrypted virtual currency, a platform for sending messages and creating content. ZenCash is the fork of ZClassic, which in turn is a fork of ZCash.

ZenCash tokens can be stored on PCs, web wallets, Android devices, and paper wallets.

Tokens are available for trading on the Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, OKEx, Cryptopia, COSS Trade Satoshi and OpenLedger DEX exchanges.

Planned date: before or after June 30.

As the Metaverse team explains, hard fork is necessary in order to minimize the impact of intruders on the ecosystem.

A distributed open source network aims to provide the user with access to digital financial services and to do so for a free. The project started in 2016, but so far it has not launched the platform.

Metaverse can be stored on a BitGo wallet or cloud wallets, and an official wallet for mobile and desktop devices is also developed.

ETP tokens are sold on the TOPBTC, Bit-Z, Bitfinex, QBTC, HitBTC, RightBTC, TDAX and CoinBene exchanges.

Fork date: before or after June 30.

The fork is indicated in the project roadmap, which provides for a complete update of the core network, support for the PoW algorithm, and optimization.

Bytom is a blockchain application platform for financial and digital assets. The project aims to create a platform for the exchange of digital assets and ensure their diversification.

BTM tokens are stored in the official Bytom wallet, available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Bytom is traded on Bibox, OEX, RightBTC, Huobi, OKEx, EXX, and CoinTiger exchanges.

If everything goes as planned by the team, then Bytom tokenizes the world through its virtual assets. The project is still at the alpha testing stage, but it looks promising because it can be launched in the nearest future.

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