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Interest in cryptocurrency decreased fourfold


According to the analytical data of Google Trends, the number of requests for the word “bitcoin” has decreased by more than 75% since the beginning of the year and approximately twice in the last three months. The service provides data about search queries in the form of a numerical chart, in which “100” means the peak of popularity of the search word. As of January 1, the popularity of bitcoin was 37 points and fell to 9 points as of June 2.

Experts have already called this a bad sign for the value of the cryptocurrency, which “gained weight” largely due to interest and a HYIP around it. Bitcoin urgently needs some powerful move to spur interest, they say. However, considering its decentralization, this is hardly to be expected.

The negative dynamics of the growth of the number of new wallets speak about the worsened interest in bitcoin. In the last quarter of 2017, when the price of bitcoin was approaching $ 20,000, it was 7.6% per month, in April and May of this year their number grew only by 2% per month, in the first quarter this figure was 3.7%.

In fairness, it should be noted that interest in Ethereum this year also fell by 70%, to Bitcoin Cash – by 82%, to XRP – by 87%. But the number of search requests for the EOS cryptocurrency in 2018 increased by 97%. Perhaps, soon we are expecting serious changes in the main five of the most popular tokens?

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