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Netherlands test blockchain-solution for land registration


The Land Cadastre of the Netherlands plans to conduct a series of tests of blockchain technology for subsequent introduction into the field of natural, economic and legal accounting of land in the country.

System Architect of the governmental service of land registration Huisstede Cohen said that management is following the example of other countries and intends to get acquainted with the new technology of distributed registries and their possible applications in the field of estate planning subsequent implementation blockchain-making in the accounting system lands “within 1-3 years”.

Huisstede also reported that the cadastral service is experimenting with artificial intelligence, within the framework of forecasting systems.

Blockchain in recent years is the focus of attention of the Netherlands: the possibility of using the technology and interested politicians, and representatives of the business community, as evidenced by the National Program Of Blockchain Research published last month, developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands. The country has already formed a specialized unit to study the future of blockchain in the Netherlands, in terms of legal issues, economic consequences and ethics.

The Netherlands, among other things, is one of the 22 EU Member States, recently signed a declaration of the European partnership, whose goal is to develop blockchain initiatives on a single digital market.

Recall that in February 2018 the European Commission announced another high-profile blockchain initiative – EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum to create one of the largest in the world repositories of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of blockchain and “promotion of interoperable infrastructures.”

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