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The market will not be able to ignore this event on June 13


June 13 is a day that will have a big impact on the entire cryptocurrency industry. It is not yet known exactly how this influence will be: positive or negative, but not neutral, that’s for sure. June 13, 2018, will be a day of change that we can not ignore. It’s intriguing, isn’t it?

Wednesday the thirteenth

June 13, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will hold an investment conference at the State University of Georgia, Atlanta. It is expected that at this event the SEC and other US regulators will express their official position on the cryptocurrency.

During the conference, a lot of topics will be discussed, people will be able to ask their questions to SEC representatives, presentations will be made concerning financial technologies and, of course, cryptocurrencies.

What kind of influence should be expected from the upcoming event?

First, we can not guarantee that the SEC will make any official statement, but this is not necessary, since SEC representatives will certainly be thrown questions, so we will, in any case, learn some details about the position of the Commission on cryptocurrencies. If the SEC expresses a positive position regarding digital assets, the market will react accordingly. The demand will go up and the prices with it.

If representatives of the Commission will speak out about the cryptocurrencies in a negative way or express skepticism, a sale may begin, followed by a drop in demand and the exchange rate. Accordingly, the more radical the position will be and the worse news will be, the more tangible will be the fall, and vice versa – the better news, the brighter the take-off.

In any case, it will be an important moment for the cryptocurrency community. Thanks to the conference, we are likely to be able to learn about the position of American regulators in relation to the cryptocurrency market. The US is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets, and therefore an event of this kind will have an impact on a global scale.

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