Friday, June 2, 2023
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Blokchain for inexpensive medicine


The Nashville company Change Healthcare has introduced a new system for processing insurance payments based on a blockchain. All data is stored in a distributed ledger. Clinics and hospitals will be able to abandon centralized media and paper data.
The main advantage of this system is the opportunity to substantially reduce the prices of drug support. Achievement of the result is possible due to the transition to a transparent system of financial management, as well as automation of data collection. Healthcare can be a structure without problems of misappropriation of the budget.
The technology will allow doctors and patients to track real-time data on the progress of treatment, claims. Resources of Change Healthcare can handle approximately 50 million transactions a day. The creators assure that hacking of such a system will be problematic. All data is copied to the computers of medical institutions. To gain control of the whole network will be problematic.

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